THIRTY AND FABULOUS! June 18th, 2020 marks Pregnancy Resources’ 30th Anniversary of life-affirming, Biblically-based, evangelical care in the Quad Cities. It was the summer of 1989 when God called two women who had been personally impacted by the pain of abortion to open a crisis pregnancy center in the Quad Cities. Not long after, a little blue house in Rock Island was purchased. Folding chairs were arranged in a circle and passionate dreaming, planning, and praying began. We have grown a lot in our FIRST THIRTY YEARS, yet Pregnancy Resources has remained faithful to this unwavering vision and passionate prayer:

Unplanned pregnancies and abortions will decrease as we offer biblically-based, holistic, life-affirming services, and ongoing care.

This we know for sure: when we pray a God-sized prayer – we should expect a God-sized answer. In our FIRST THIRTY YEARS God has answered in amazing ways:

  • One small center has grown into 2 thriving spacious locations
  • Mobile Medical Care is now available for those who cannot come to us
  • More than 27,546 moms and dads have received personalized care
  • More than 82,055 unique center visits have been facilitated
  • Over 6,186 life affirming ultrasounds have been provided
  • 91% of women receiving an ultrasound have chosen life for their child
  • 61,061 students have participated in an abstinence-based sexual integrity program

I believe that God has equally amazing things in store for our NEXT THIRTY YEARS. Our bright and
God-inspired future includes:

  • Expanding our medical team. We will grow and develop our Nurses Team so that a nurse is on-site and medical care is available when the centers are open.
  • Expanding our ministry reach with the Mobile Medical Unit. We will add locations where clients are the most susceptible to the pro-death message of our culture.
  • Expanding our ministry impact by adding Saturday Center Services for abortion-vulnerable moms and dads. These services will include pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, ongoing support,
    parenting classes, and material assistance.

This is a GOD-SIZED DREAM. This dream requires both the growth of our ministry team (volunteers and staff) and a long-term increase in sustained financial support. This is not a dream we can accomplish on our own. It will require God’s divine provision and your partnership. It has always been YOUR investment that has made this life-affirming ministry possible. God has richly honored and blessed YOUR prayers, YOUR volunteer time, and YOUR sacrificial financial support. I am excited to witness how God inspires you to  partner and invest in this God-Sized Dream.

Trisha Wilson, Executive Director