Life as a new Pregnancy Resources Nurse…Becca Mesmer

Sometimes, God has a plan in the works long before we know it. After several years in a local Cardiac Intervention Unit, I began thinking about a change. The hospital taught me how to be a nurse, but I knew God had more for me than the stressful, hustle and bustle of juggling too many patients at once. I longed for the chance to connect with each patient, help them physically, listen to their needs and comfort them. But a hard truth is, that a hospital nurse has little time for listening. After months of praying for a different job, and having no idea where God would lead me, a dear friend let me know that PR was expanding their medical staff, and she encouraged me to apply. A short time later, my new adventure began and on October 1st, 2019, I left the hospital to work in Urban Medical Missions at Pregnancy Resources.

At first, the transition was difficult; there is a different rhythm to this type of work. Before I was used to hurrying – today there is no rush. I have the time to listen, advise, show compassion and share the hope of Jesus with each patient.  A week-long intense ultrasound training boot camp taught me that performing and perfecting ultrasounds takes practice, patience, and skill. Now, I am fully trained and meeting with clients to provide ultrasound care and other services. As a previous cardiac nurse, one of my favorite parts of my new job is showing moms and dads their baby’s heart rhythm. I am thankful God has led me here and look forward to using these new skills to show life to those who walk through our doors.  I love my new job!