Hi, my name is Becca, and I have been a Pregnancy Resources staff nurse for three and a half years. People often ask me what my favorite part about this ministry is, and the truth is I love the ultrasound appointment. I love that I can use my medical training as a nurse to have a positive impact in our community. I love that God uses science and state-of-the-art technology to change hearts and save lives. To see a flickering heart in a baby that is less than an inch long is incredible!

Sometimes we earn the opportunity to minister to women through more than one crisis or difficult moment. That was how it happened with a client named Natalie, who gave me permission to share her story with the hope it would help someone else. Natalie visited Pregnancy Resources 10 years ago, pregnant and planning to abort. She was in an unhealthy and unsafe relationship with little support. Abortion seemed like her best option – but ultimately she chose life for that child. Then, fast forward ten years. Natalie has a better job and a beautiful child. But it’s the same guy, the same drama, and now the added burden of knowing that he is not the father her children deserve.

Pregnant again, abortion seemed once more like the better choice – until the ultrasound. Natalie saw that she wasn’t just a little pregnant, but almost in her 2nd trimester. Natalie saw a tiny beating heart and chose life for that child.

Your support made help available to Natalie when she needed it most. Because of your continued commitment, tomorrow when Pregnancy Resources opens at 9am, we will have eight more chances to show life on the screen and give eight more moms the chance to choose hope and choose life.

Becca Mesmer RN, Staff Nurse