Many clients come to Pregnancy Resources afraid to tell their story and share the complicated details surrounding their current pregnancy. This was true of Hallie (not client’s real name), a recent client who’s living in the midst of abuse and is pregnant. It can be hard to be honest about the messy and often painful bits of our life. Who wants to tell someone that kind of difficult information, especially a complete stranger?

Nurse Beth was on duty this day and listened to Hallie with loving kindness. Hallie described all the difficult things that happened to her and now as a result, she was pregnant. Hallie was considering abortion. She wondered how she could deal with this situation and have a child as a reminder?

Nurse Beth was patient with Hallie as she started the ultrasound appointment, and eventually was able to show her the life growing inside of her. Hallie was fortunate to have her mom at the appointment to support her. The baby and the heartbeat were clear on the screen, and Hallie and her mom both saw the image at the same time.

Nurse Beth was able to educate Hallie on abortion, the risks, and the possible negative side effects abortion can bring. The nurse also discussed the resources and referrals Pregnancy Resources offers. Hallie said she felt better after the appointment because she’d been able to share her difficult experience with someone who was compassionate and there to listen and help. Hallie said that Pregnancy Resources was a safe place. Since this appointment Hallie has connected with additional resources and has decided to carry this child instead of having an abortion.

Tomorrow another woman like Hallie will walk through the doors in need of a safe place – thank you for supporting a ministry that will help her feel safe and help her to see and choose life!

~ Carey Eberhart, RN