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PAMS – To Offer HOPE & Help After Abortion

PAMS – To Offer HOPE & Help After Abortion

It takes bravery to call or walk through the doors of Pregnancy Resources for a Post Abortion Medical Screening (PAMS) appointment. This woman is often in crisis after her abortion and typically she will express feelings of isolation and fear.

The situation surrounding her abortion is complex. Current PAMS patients have voiced fears about incomplete abortions and health complications (emotional and physical) because of their decision to abort. Some have reported anger and confusion about lack of sensitivity and guidance from the companies who provided them with the means for abortion.

At PAMS appointments, addressing physical needs first, talking through some of her medical concerns, and helping her to develop a plan for her health can help establish trust. We nurses often hear the words “I am scared,” “I am alone,” “I don’t know what to do,” “I don’t know where to go,” and “Is this normal?” Our patients almost always verbalize the need to feel seen, heard and cared for as they walk through a time of uncertainty and fear.

We let them cry and give them time to talk in a place that is safe. In turn, they sometimes share their stories with us, and we get the opportunity to comfort them and pray with them. We can introduce our patients to the God who sees, the God who heals, and the God who provides. Through PAMS appointments, we can see our patients beyond her decision and meet her where she is. We can walk with her in her difficulty, assist her with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and provide hope for the future that can include healing.

When you support Pregnancy Resources, you make hope possible in the days immediately following an abortion decision. Hope that she will find physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. Hope that she will feel seen and loved. Hope that she will choose life and not death with her next pregnancy. Thank you for making this type of hope possible.

Christine Kelley RN, Staff Nurse

PAMS – To Offer HOPE & Help After Abortion

Enduring Hope 2024

The start of this new year comes with some troubling news: Abortion and its devastating impact is on the rise. Today, abortion remains legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia. Moreover, the Dobb’s Decision of 2022 seems to have resulted in a net increase in abortions in the United States, and specifically in Illinois. The available data suggests that women are racing in record numbers to states where abortion remains legal OR participating in self-managed abortions at home (The Effects of the Dobbs Decision on Fertility; Institute of Labor Economics 11/2023). Current reports from the Lozier Institute reveal that nearly 79% of abortions in Iowa happen at home.

While this news is heartbreaking, you and I can be inspired by our 2024 theme verse:

“As we pray to our God and Father about you, we think of your faithful work, your loving deeds, and the enduring hope you have because of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Thessalonians 1:3 (NLT)

Our focus can, and should, remain on the Lord – and the task He has laid before us.

First, we will focus on the work of Biblically based, life-affirming, early pregnancy care, and ongoing support at all THREE of your Pregnancy Resources locations (East Moline, Moline, and Davenport) and on the Mobile Medical Unit.

Next, your Pregnancy Resources Team will provide compassionate care in every stage of pregnancy and beyond. In 2024, this will include the continued development and implementation of a miscarriage and infant loss support program – providing loving and timely ministry to parents who have unexpectedly empty arms and broken hearts.

Finally, we will cling with Enduring Hope to the possibility that each person who walks through the doors of Pregnancy Resources will have their hearts softened by the Spirit of the Lord and choose life for their child.

We look forward to working as your ministry partner, loving others well alongside you, and clinging to enduring hope found only in Jesus with you in the days ahead.

Trisha Wilson, Executive Director

PAMS – To Offer HOPE & Help After Abortion

Different Times & Complicated Issues

“We live in different times.” It’s something we hear a lot, and it’s true. The world is different than when Pregnancy Resources opened our doors in 1990. As times have changed, the ministry has grown and adapted while affirming life choices. Three locations, limited ultrasound care, mobile medical care, abortion pill reversal, post-abortion care, and male mentorship are all examples of how Pregnancy Resources has adapted to the needs of our community. Our clients have changed, too. Today’s clients are older and face more complicated issues. They are stuck in the culture of “anything goes” and “live in the moment.” Sexual activity outside of marriage is typical, single pregnancy is normal, and abortion is seen as “acceptable.”

Two recent examples come to mind. Sami* has been coming to Pregnancy Resources since she was in high school. Now in her 20’s, Sami has several children with the same man. Tragically, domestic violence, infidelity, and drugs played a role in destroying this family. Now Sami is dating a woman and pregnant with another baby who will grow up without a father. Sadly, this young woman’s dreams of an “intact family” have been shattered. She’s given up on the traditional family roles. While not considering abortion, this woman expresses a different kind of hopelessness. Pray the gospel shared with her will take root.

Another client, Lola*, has several children, all by different men. Each guy stayed a while then left when things got tough. Lola decided she’s better off without a man. She’s shut out the world and is focused on raising her children and working to support them. Lola believes in God but believes that she can only rely on herself. Lola, and others like her have “given up” on knowing a man who will support and love them in the way God intended. Many believe that men simply will not stay to be involved or provide support for the family. Pray that these women will come to know how much God loves them. Pray that these children will find healthy male role models to emulate. Pray that our male volunteers will have opportunities to mentor some of these young men despite great opposition. We know that God designed a different way for families. Daily we testify to God’s better way.

Annetta Cooper, Client Services Director & Davenport Center Director