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Safe, Legal, and Rare No More…

Safe, Legal, and Rare No More…

As recently as 20 years ago, the marching cry “SAFE, LEGAL, and RARE” united abortion supporters across the United States. Today pro-abortion activists believe the word RARE to be an aggressive attempt and shaming women who are post-abortive and have moved to an updated position “SAFE and LEGAL” . . .  unlimited, unrestricted, fully funded. There is perhaps no other cultural issue that divides us more. Those who cling to the truth that life – all life – is precious and should be protected are belittled, ridiculed, inaccurately labeled, and shunned. We are seeing this escalating conflict to protect the pre-born unfold across the country.  While some states, like Iowa, seek to protect the pre-born, we need not look far to see how vulnerable the pre-born of Illinois and Iowa remain.

On a local level, in early October a Women’s Rally took place in Rock Island, Illinois. This rally specifically focused on legalized abortion with guest appearances from the Mayor of Moline, a Rock Island County Board Member, the President of the NAACP of Rock Island County, and several other community leaders speaking out in support of abortion. To my knowledge, there were no life-affirming speakers at this event.

On the Federal level, in September the U.S. House passed the misleadingly named Women’s Health Protection Action. If approved by the Senate, this legislation would almost fully remove all current and future restrictions on abortion and prevent states from even limited protections for the preborn. Limits on third trimester abortions and current bans on sex-selection abortions would also be removed. State laws requiring informed consent would be nullified. Parental notification for minors to purchase an abortion and pre-abortion fetal development education requirements would also be removed. Doctors, nurses, and hospitals would no longer be allowed to refuse abortion procedures for ethical or religious reasons. In short, this is the MOST extreme abortion legislation ever considered or passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

On the National level, the Supreme Court of the United States is set to hear oral arguments in early December 2021 for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This case addresses a Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. This case could challenge the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. This famous ruling stated that a woman had constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy in the first six months of her pregnancy, – when survival outside the womb was not possible. We now know that children can be born as early as 21 weeks 2 days and survive with the assistance of advanced medical care.

So, what are you and I to do? We pray without ceasing – for our local leaders, our national leaders, for those who deny the value of life, and for each mom and dad who, today, is facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. We speak up for life – in our homes, in our churches, and within our circles of influence. We get involved – volunteer, pray over the ministry, and financially support front line ministries like Pregnancy Resources. Finally, we vote for men and women who will act in the best interest of us all – including the preborn. Remember, even in this huge battle for the pre-born, we are not alone; it is God who directs us in this spiritual, political, and cultural battle on behalf of every pre-born child out there.

Safe, Legal, and Rare No More…

When Planned Parenthood Comes Knocking on Your Door

Planned Parenthood is no longer in someone else’s community. Today they are just one click away, and soon they may be even closer. This week I was looking for information on a local news story, so I did what people do and went to the website of our local paper. I was a bit surprised when the first thing that showed up on this page (taking up nearly one third of my screen space) was an ad for Planned Parenthood. “Birth Control. Abortion Access. Stigma Free Care. Donate Now. Planned Parenthood.”

My heart began to pound. My stomach began to ache. My thoughts were racing. What does this mean? When will their doors suddenly open without notice like has happened in so many other Illinois communities in the last few years?  How many moms and dads searching for answers will believe their “truth” and then carry the wounds and regret that often follow an abortion decision? How will we reach these moms and dads with authentic hope? This task seems so big, and the stakes seem so high.

But then my spirit was stilled. The presence of the Spirit settled on me, and I was reminded of the words that David shared with his son Solomon when facing a task that seemed too big. In essence David said, take courage, be strong, and get to work.

And so that is what we will do. We will find our courage and strength in Christ alone. And we will continue to get to work. In just a few days, our third Mobile Medical Unit will launch at the QC Mission in East Moline. In the next few weeks, our medical team will increase with the addition of our 4th staff nurse. And in the next few months Saturday Services will begin to be provided in our Moline Center. We will continue to offer hope, help, and compassion in the name of Jesus Christ. No pressure. No judgement. Just support. That’s the Pregnancy Resources way.

Safe, Legal, and Rare No More…

The Director’s Desk March 2021

When Pregnancy Was Not Planned – Every Choice Has Loss

In this first quarter of 2021, God is sending profoundly more women and men to Pregnancy Resources in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. These parents are actively planning or seriously considering terminating pregnancy. Many of these moms & dads are married (or in a long-term, monogamous relationship) and already are parenting other small children. Financial stressors, employment uncertainty, relationship struggles, a missing or lacking emotional support network, and the current demands of parenthood are common reasons why these parents often find themselves seriously considering abortion. It’s not uncommon to hear moms and dads in these complicated circumstances say, “abortion is my ONLY choice”.

Pregnancy Resources provides medically accurate abortion education and options information to every client that comes through our doors for a pregnancy test or ultrasound. We believe that knowledge is power, and every woman and man should make informed decisions regarding the pregnancy. We know that when parents understand what abortion is and when they see life on the ultrasound screen, they are much more likely to choose life for their pre-born child. We also acknowledge that every pregnancy decision involves loss:

  • For the mom who continues the pregnancy and chooses to parent this child – there is a loss of every possibility that existed before the pregnancy and the creation of this new human life occurred. Life has been protected, and hope remains.
  • For the mom who continues the pregnancy and chooses to place this child in the arms of a loving forever family – there is the loss of the daily experience of parenting this child. Life has been protected, and hope remains.
  • For the mom who terminates the pregnancy with abortion – the life of this pre-born child is lost. For the post abortive mother and father there can be emotional loss, spiritual struggle, and long-term trauma. But with Jesus, there is always hope, freedom, and forgiveness available for all.

Be COURAGOUS AND MERCIFUL. Don’t let your sister or brother, your daughter or son, your neighbor, or your friend believe the lie that they have “no choice.” Speak up for her/his sake and for the sake of the pre-born child.

It is compassionate to recognize when moms and dads facing an unplanned pregnancy are in complicated and difficult situations. It is merciful to acknowledge that each pregnancy choice carries unique loss. It is life changing to be able to ask questions like “what is the loss you can live with when you look yourself in the mirror every day” or “what is the loss that protects this little human growing inside you, and best meets your needs right now”?

It is true: every choice involves loss, but life can still be protected and there can still be hope.