Gabbie (not the client’s real name) sat across from me in the client room. She looked overwhelmed and a little pale from nausea. She started to tell me that she had just recently been evacuated due to a natural disaster. Gabbie had come to the Quad Cities to stay with a relative until it was safe to go back home.

But the reason she was at Pregnancy Resources was due to a different kind of storm. Gabbie had just found out she was pregnant. Her tears flowed, and the sadness and disappointment were palpable. Only one person knew of the pregnancy. As she lay on the table, we prayed together, asking God to give His peace in this turbulent moment. Within minutes, everything became real as she stared at the screen to see her baby with a heartbeat.

There was a silent pause, and again her tears flowed down her cheeks. The reality of a baby seemed to come over her like a crashing wave. There could be no denying that this was a baby.

We are so thankful for new ultrasound machines that can capture such beautiful images of pregnancy. Thank you for making these moments possible! May this incredible technology allow many women and men to see their babies and choose life in the middle of their storm.

Beth Bill, R.N., Staff Nurse