As we enter a new year of ministering to neighbors and friends in our local mission field,  your enduring hope and optimism provide limited medical services, full-options education,  post-abortion medical screenings,  and more. Hope allows you to see past her discouraging circumstances. Instead, you see her need for biblical compassion and medically accurate information. Each bottle filled with cash, coins, or a check could become a full-options pregnancy test or life-affirming ultrasound that could save mom and baby’s life. Each filled baby bottle is hope in a bottle.

NEW: Digital “Baby Bottle Boomerang” for your church – contact for more information.

  • Do my dimes make a difference?

YES! In 2021, over 500* individuals and families came together to impact families with their change.  Each bottle made a difference and when it was all put together, those bottles made up over 10% of our ministry budget! (*estimated number of people due to anonymous givers)

  •  Is any gift too small? 

NO! Every penny will impact a mom or dad with holistic, gospel-centered care. 
Mark 12:41-44 is the story of the widow’s might. Every penny is humbly received and we give thanks for your gift as urban missionaries. We could not reach those we do without YOU!

  • Who can participate in Baby Bottles?

From the tallest to the smallest! People of all ages can participate in Baby Bottles. It is a great way to introduce giving to children and help them see the value of life and caring for others.

  • What is the impact of a Baby Bottle?

Every baby bottle is an opportunity to share the truth with compassion and love to a woman or man who enters the doors at Pregnancy Resources. A baby bottle can hold up to $50.00 in change! That baby bottle could provide 2 pregnancy tests, with full options counseling and compassionate care with a peer-to-peer mentor.

  • What if I miss my turn-in date at my church? 

No worries friend! You can drop your filled bottle off at either of our locations.