In early pregnancy, many struggle to find hope in what they see as chaos. Expanding access to abortion through mail-order pills means more women are performing self-managed abortions at home. These abortions often occur without contact with the health care system, and moms are at significant risk for complications or even death.

Yet moms find hope in a hopeless world when YOU partner through the Pregnancy Resources Enduring Hope Fundraising Banquet 2024! This year’s Enduring Hope Banquet fundraising goal is $185,000.

As we enter a new year of ministering to neighbors and friends in our local mission field,  your enduring hope and optimism provide limited medical services, full-options education,  post-abortion medical screenings,  and more. 

Your Enduring Hope allows you to see past her discouraging circumstances. Instead, you see her need for biblical compassion and medically accurate information. Each gift on the night of the event could become a full-options pregnancy test or life-affirming ultrasound that could save mom and baby’s life. You are helping ensure hope is available as life hangs in the balance!

Your enduring hope believes that moms, dads, and their children can be saved. You hold out hope for each of them. We are thankful for you and your willingness to reach out and offer hope in this life-saving work. 

  • Seating is LIMITED to 6 persons per table.
  • RSVP required.
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