Because of you…

Jenny* came to Pregnancy Resources happy to be pregnant, interested in parenting classes, and excited to be starting this new chapter in her life. Although she and her partner hadn’t been together for long, they both laughed and smiled through the pregnancy test and ultrasound appointments and began attending classes together. Then came that horrible day.

The anger and the violence was not something Jenny had seen coming. The police were called, an order of protection was issued, and Jenny was relocated to a safe, undisclosed location. Now, the woman who had been happy, excited, and filled with joy was devastated, terrified, and overwhelmed with grief. This pregnancy was one more complication and abortion seemed to be the solution.

In the days after the event, Jenny reached back out to Pregnancy Resources and asked to meet with her nurse to fully discuss her options once again. As Jenny and her nurse met, Jenny was able to talk about her fears, her frustrations, and her heartache. She was heard and she was seen. Options education occurred once again, and there was a long discussion about adoption as a realistic option. At her request, another ultrasound was provided, and Jenny saw “her little human” on the screen. In the midst of turmoil and fear – this mother’s love for her child prevailed and Jenny again chose life for her little one.

The days ahead will not be easy, but Jenny knows that she is not alone, and she has hope that there will be better days ahead. Thank you for making continuing support available for Jenny. Because of you, Jenny was able to find the hope and the help she needed when life hung in the balance.

Tomorrow another “Jenny” will walk through the doors – and because of you, another “Jenny” will find help too! Thank you for making a difference.

*Named changed for confidentiality.

Trisha Wilson, Executive Director