Banquet 2023 was an amazing night to come together and celebrate how God is using Pregnancy Resources to make a difference in our community. Testimonies of hope, courage, and redemption were shared. There was an update on various battles being fought on the state and federal level to protect or attack life, and we were called to action. Here’s a glimpse of that special night…

Pregnancy Resources has identified 3 action steps that will significantly expand care to women and men in crisis and when life hangs in the balance. First, most women in our area don’t receive follow up care in the weeks after an abortion. These women sometimes suffer devastating medical and emotional problems. So, in the last few months, the Pregnancy Resources medical team developed a Post Abortion Medical Screening protocol. Since the first of the year, lifesaving intervention has already occurred several times because of this care. Women who choose abortion once are much more likely to abort again. The hope is that this care, in this moment of crisis, will open the door for a choice for life with the next pregnancy and show our sincere concern for the woman even when her choice is not what we would choose.

Second, expanded access to life affirming early pregnancy care continues to be desperately needed. In 2021, the Mobile Medical Unit began serving in East Moline at the QC Mission on Thursday afternoons. The neighborhood has welcomed us, and lives have been saved. Today, your Board of Directors is excited to announce the launch of a permanent Pregnancy Resources center inside the QC Mission. In the coming months, this additional location will provide life affirming early pregnancy care at least two days per week to our neighbors in eastern Quad Cities and outlying areas.

Finally, abortion clinics in Illinois now offer “abortion on the go” mobile vans to cities bordering the state line. Pregnancy Resources will continue to be the sole ministry offering a life affirming Mobile alternative. We will utilize the Mobile Medical Unit to provide pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and other resources to our friends and neighborhoods that are being targeted by the abortion industry or face extremely limited resources.

Pregnancy Resources has a 2023 Banquet fundraising goal of $170,000. If you have already made a 2023 Banquet gift to support this work, THANK YOU. If you have not yet made your Banquet gift, thank you for prayerfully considering how you might be able to support this life-saving work.