Here is a quick story from Carey R.N., Nurse Director about the importance and impact of our new ultrasound machines. I hope you enjoy…

– Trisha W., Executive Director


Ellie and Jack (not the clients’ real names) arrived at the center on a recent cool fall morning. We’ve seen Ellie before and walked alongside her as she made some difficult choices. Ellie has already placed a child in the arms of a forever family through adoption and she has had an abortion. But Ellie wants this pregnancy outcome to be different.

Pregnancy Resources was Ellie’s first stop for early pregnancy care, and she and Jack were excited but nervous. As the nurse on duty, I began the ultrasound scan with one of our new machines. Immediately it became clear that Ellie was more than halfway through her pregnancy, and as I shared this news, I began to silently pray.

Upon seeing their pre-born child there were many smiles. Ellie and Jack were amazed with the clarity of the images on the ultrasound screen. The sound of their littles one’s beating heart brought tears of amazement and joy. When I asked Jack how he was processing, all the new father could say was “wow.”

Mindful medical care can soften hearts, change minds, and save pre-born lives. State-of-the-art imaging allowed this couple to leave with pictures of their little one in their pocket and a growing love for this child in their heart. Thank you for making this life-saving technology available!