Deliberate – Precise in providing life-affirming early pregnancy medical care and pregnancy/early parenting support.

Stacy (not the client’s real name) walked into the center earlier this week smiling, laughing, and happy to be here, but her story didn’t start that way. Stacy didn’t want to be pregnant. She didn’t want anyone to know she was pregnant. Stacy is the girl who does things with a plan, and pregnancy was not in the plan.

Stacy knew that her parents would have divided opinions about what she should do. Her mom had always been “pro-woman and pro-choice” and when mom heard the news there was pressure to schedule an abortion. But her dad felt differently. He was sure that if Stacy came to Pregnancy Resources, she would get the information she needed to make an informed decision about her pregnancy. Stacy reluctantly agreed and came to meet with a nurse and have an ultrasound. After meeting with the nurse a few times, Stacy made the choice to change her plans and parent her child.

Stacy is now participating in Pregnancy Resources’ pregnancy and early parenting support program. She comes to class weekly to learn about caring for herself during pregnancy and to learn about caring for her little boy once he arrives this winter. She’s making friends with other moms and feeling more prepared every day to take care of her boy when he finally arrives. Both of her parents are now fully supportive of Stacy’s choice to parent her child – and in a few months that precious little one will be welcomed into a family that already loves him dearly.