I’m Katy and I learned about Pregnancy Resources shortly after our move to the Quad Cities. Recently, I decided to take the Pregnancy Resources training course. I knew my past, but no one there did, and I did not come bearing my history on my sleeve. It was during that training that I learned about a post-abortion Bible study called Forgiven and Set Free.

Participating in this group was not my original plan, but it was exactly what I needed. I was referred to a lovely woman who opened her heart to me, shared her personal story, and listened to mine – whatever I wanted to share or not to share. She became someone I could trust and talk to.

My abortion story started when I was raped at age 14 by a man more than twice my age. About a year later, I found myself 16 and pregnant by the same man. He wanted me to have an abortion to take care of our ‘problem.’ I was unable to get the abortion the first two tries at two different facilities. Ultimately, this man drove me across state lines and gave me cash and a different name to use for him on the forms. He sent me in alone to have the abortion. I was 14 ½ weeks pregnant. I felt broken and conflicted, but thought it was what I had to do to get away from this man and my life-changing situation.

As a Christian since childhood, I was ready and willing to move on from the pain I’d struggled with for decades. I had prayed, studied the Word, and done counseling in the past…to try to unload the shame and self-hatred I had because of the decision I made as a teenager. I thought I had laid my burden at the foot of the cross. I’d asked God for forgiveness many times, but kept picking it back up – still feeling unworthy and stuck after all this time.

I believe Romans 8:28 and I rejoice in fully knowing that I have God’s forgiveness, freedom, and peace after taking part in this Bible study facilitated by Pregnancy Resources. If you struggle with sorrow, regret, or shame because of an abortion decision, there is healing through God’s Word, and Pregnancy Resources is ready to help you, too.

-an After Abortion Care Client