“Have you had an abortion, and now regret it?” While many women probably read that and say to themselves, “Yes,” the idea of actually talking with someone about that regret is often daunting. It can be a difficult first step to pick up the phone and talk with someone. But with this first step, the healing process that has been put off, sometimes for decades, can begin.

Pregnancy Resources utilizes a resource called “Forgiven and Set Free,” by Linda Cochrane. It is a 10 week Bible study steeped in scripture. Typically, meetings are done in a group setting, but one-on-one arrangements can be made as needed. The group setting allows the participants to realize that they are not alone. At the beginning, women are often nervous and unsure about having signed up for this! The group leaders, who are also post-abortive, offer assurance that God has healing in store – if they will just keep at it. And when they do, He is faithful!

At the end of the study, each woman has an opportunity to name her baby. We hold a memorial service where she can then tenderly release her child into God’s care. It is always a touching and meaningful time. The women of the group have bonded and celebrate their healing together.

Here are a few thoughts from previous participants in their own words:

     “From the first meeting, I felt completely loved and safe to begin the journey to forgiveness and healing.”

     “I feel like I have finally left this confessed sin forever at the foot of the cross and won’t pick it up again.”

     “I have forgiven myself for not making a better choice for my baby and I can accept God’s forgiveness.”

God uses the After Abortion Care ministry at Pregnancy Resources to heal hearts and change lives. It is a blessing to be able to offer this important help to those who take that first step. So, have you had an abortion and now regret it? If so, please take that first step and call. You won’t regret that!

Kathy Nagle, After Abortion Care