This is a story that praises God and His amazing grace. It’s also a story about how the Lord uses Pregnancy Resources and how your generosity has changed my life.

Even though I was raised in a Christian home, in my 20’s, I encouraged and paid for multiple abortions. I knew that abortion was a sin and initial relief turned to deep shame and regret. Alcohol, drugs, and anxiety were a big part of my life. In my 30’s, I learned to manage the anxiety…allowing me to pursue a successful banking career. When I retired 4 years ago, I appeared to be the epitome of success. But a dark cloud hung over my life. I was disgraced and embarrassed about the abortions.

I told only one person, who dismissed it as nothing… and then carried that pain within for about 40 years… I searched and prayed for relief but felt there was no way that God could forgive me. I often laid awake for hours tossing and turning in agony.

Then one day, the Pregnancy Resources newsletter arrived in the mail. An article describing a program that serves men caught up in the tragedy of an abortion decision caught my attention. It took a few months for me to reach out, but when I finally did, everything changed.

The first night we met, we talked for a bit and then I took a deep breath, and I laid out my whole terrible tale. I could see the sorrow on the facilitators’ faces, but they quickly offered me love and understanding. I expressed my fear of dying and facing God. My sins were so horrible, how could I ever be forgiven? The men I met with assured me there was no sin that could not be forgiven, and that Jesus’s sacrifice was in our stead. They looked me in the eye and told me Jesus loves me.

That night I recall praying for forgiveness from the Lord. I felt a sense of relief and love, and every other positive sensation swell over me…the chains dropped off and the deal was sealed by the King. I have been saved, reborn, converted…take your pick. I now realized that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are real… and the Bible is literally true, too! I thank the Lord that He has been there all along. I wouldn’t trade my salvation for anything. All praise to my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Lance Heuer, Volunteer