Pregnancy Resources,

We just wanted to send a quick thank you for all you do! We were blown away by the “baby shower in a bag!” So many fun and essential items! We were touched by the generosity. And since then, we’ve really enjoyed the classes and shopping at Bella’s! Becoming new parents is hard work, so we’ve really appreciated all the support from Pregnancy Resources.

Thank you,

A Local Quad City Family

Your faithful support of Pregnancy Resources is making a difference everyday. Here’s what some recent clients have said:

“Keep being amazing people, we all need more people like you guys around!”

“Love the staff, from phone call, front desk, and nice lady that did my appointment!”

“I feel much better after this visit”

What I liked best about my ultrasound: “Being walked through step by step, the wonderful staff”

“Everything helps you be a better parent”

What I like most about class: “Interaction between the attendees which is encouraged by the presenters”

“Comfortable and informative (talked me through)”

“So caring, friendly staff. Willing to help.”

“Keep doing the awesome job you are”

“I feel everything was very informative and useful to take better care of my future child”

“How helpful and friendly staff were”