This year has challenged us all in unforeseen ways. Many were hit with job loss. Some families found themselves unable to provide for basic needs. Yet, Pregnancy Resources presented a small oasis of peace during the chaos. We’ve discussed various types of poverty and know that sometimes more than money is missing. There are many facets of poverty that can and do affect the whole person. Moms and Dads can find themselves in a hopeless state when their financial security, emotional and mental health, spiritual knowledge, coping abilities, or close relationships are compromised.

The question remains:  How does someone transition out of poverty?

The transition out of poverty takes others’ intentionally helping a mom or a dad learn a different thinking pattern and providing needed resources (physical, emotional, and spiritual) to help bridge the gap.

Did you know you were a bridge builder?

You are the bridge builder to a new hope-filled reality for a mom or dad. You are making connections every day to help a mom or dad move from a poverty mindset towards better resources and grow resilient through education. This ability to be resilient happens over time, as support systems are built. Coping strategies can be developed, and a bit of distance from emotional, mental, and or financial limits can be established. As a builder, you help moms and dads make connections to other people, new resources, and established problem-solving techniques. Moms and dads, who come to Pregnancy Resources, leave empowered. Dads like Dan.*

Dan was deeply impacted by the one on one time spent with a Pregnancy Resources Dad Coach. As Dan and his mentor/coach were bonding over car talk, Dan shared, “I was afraid before I came here and took this dad class.” BUT…This new father left with diapers and a new car seat. These resources met his immediate need to provide for his little one, but more importantly, he knew he was not alone. Dan knew he could call on his mentor if he had a question. These types of relationships give Dan the opportunity and help needed to grow his ability to be resilient.

Together as bridge builders, you and I help Moms and Dads in a crisis to overcome fear, gain a new perspective, and discover the needed internal motivation to change.  Bridge-building touches the hearts and lives of moms too. Moms like Danielle*.

Danielle came to Pregnancy Resources and participated in EVERY parenting class offered. When Danielle came to get her car seat and new baby bag for her little one, she said, “I am so glad Pregnancy Resources exists! I learned so much from the parenting classes and saved all the brochures and notes.” Danielle learned new skills and received resources to help with her precious baby.

You helped make this type of purpose-filled parenting possible. Your investment of prayer, time, and finances allows her to move towards being resilient. More people than ever need the strength and comfort you continue to provide. Because of your generosity, parents can find authentic hope as they move forward one small step at a time.

Liz Ryan, Outreach and Events

*Name changed for privacy

All information shared in this series is based on Payne, R. K., DeVol, P. E., & Smith, T. D. (2001). Bridges out of
poverty: strategies for professionals and communities.