By Beth Bill, RN

Every week, two of us women, pack up the Mobile Medical Unit, pull out of the garage and drive to our destination which is either Muscatine on Monday or west Rock Island on Tuesday.  Our purpose is to bring the services of Pregnancy Resources to these communities.   We just never know what “life on the MMU” is going to be like on a given day and so, we pray.  We ask God to bring those who need our services and that they would have the courage to come to our van.  Not long ago, a young woman showed up for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. We listened to her share her regret about a past abortion, her distrust of most people, and her anxiety about being pregnant again.  But her comment that opened the door to sharing Christ was when she said “This life is Hell.  It’s so bad out there that this must be Hell.” 

Life on the MMU that day meant explaining that although our current American landscape is unsettling and blatant evil ravages our streets and our newsfeeds, this life is not Hell.  The nurses that day were able to share that indeed there is a Hell and it is real, but this isn’t it.  We explained that Jesus Christ came to offer us forgiveness so that we could go to Heaven.  Life on the MMU is good because it’s where truth is shared; about pregnancy, babies, and of the hope and life found in Jesus Christ.