Why do men matter at Pregnancy Resources? We love families and the unique role a positive and involved dad has in the family. Involved fathers typically allow their kids to have a stronger foundation for overall well-being. There is a father absence crisis today. According to the US census bureau (2022), 1 in 4 kids live without a biological, step, or adoptive father at home. Simply put, our children need caring and involved dads in the family.

One dad coach said, “Clients won’t remember every fact and detail, but they will remember that they invested in taking the course, and that they met someone who cared about their journey.”

One opportunity to meet is in a class called “Dr Dad.” This is a dad’s only class for men, taught by men. Classes focus on the care and well-being of infant through toddler-aged children. Dads who participate can earn free stuff like diapers, a new car seat, and infant/toddler clothes.

If you, or a dad you care about would like more information about Dads’ coaching and Dads’ classes, visit www.qcpregnancy.org or call 309-797-3636 and select the center closest to you. Both the Moline and Davenport centers have men volunteers ready to meet with dads who walk through the doors.

We would love to be a part of your journey!

Ken White, Men’s Services Coordinator