Mosaic 2023

At Pregnancy Resources we believe this truth that as children of God, we are God’s masterpiece in the making! We are unique works of art designed by God himself. We are a new creation in Christ Jesus, and we are called to follow in His holy footsteps. But wait, it gets better – there are things of divine importance that we have each been called and equipped by God to do. And today, right now, is the moment! We can do what God has laid before us because of what He has done within us.

Our commitment is to partner with you, the Body of Christ, and serve UNIFIED WITH ONE HEART AND ONE MISSION when pregnancy choices are being made and life hangs in the balance.

In the days ahead, we have the opportunity to embrace our uniqueness and pursue what God planned for us long ago as we:

  • Join together to make a difference in our community
  • Draw strength, courage, and boldness from God who has sent us to this community in this time
  • Serve together in the moment of need when life hangs in the balance

It’s time for us, with fresh passion, to get to work doing what God has planned. Some will begin, with greater intention, to have life-affirming conversations with people in their unique circles of influence. Some will become prayer warriors and intercessors specifically for the spiritual battles and life or death decisions happening every day at Pregnancy Resources. Some will prepare to join the Pregnancy Resources team as volunteers and provide hands-on care to moms and dads in crisis. Some will be financial supporters with joyful hearts.

There are many ways we can join together and many ways we can serve together. May God bless and direct you as you embrace how you fit into God’s Pregnancy Resources masterpiece. We are thankful for you and your willingness to fulfill your part in this life-saving work.

Pictures in their Pocket

Ellie and Jack (not the clients’ real names) arrived at the center on a recent cool fall morning. We’ve seen Ellie before and walked alongside her as she made some difficult choices. Ellie has already placed a child in the arms of a forever family through adoption and she has had an abortion. But Ellie wants this pregnancy outcome to be different.

Pregnancy Resources was Ellie’s first stop for early pregnancy care, and she and Jack were excited but nervous. As the nurse on duty, I began the ultrasound scan with one of our new machines. Immediately it became clear that Ellie was more than halfway through her pregnancy. As I shared this news, I began to pray silently.

Upon seeing their pre-born child, there were many smiles. Ellie and Jack were amazed with the clarity of the images on the ultrasound screen. The sound of their little one’s beating heart brought tears of amazement and joy. When I asked Jack how he was processing, all the new father could say was, “wow.”

Mindful medical care can soften hearts, change minds, and save pre-born lives. State-of-the-art imaging allowed this couple to leave with pictures of their little one in their pocket and a growing love for this child in their heart. Thank you for making this life-saving technology available!

Carey Eberhart, R.N., Nurse Director

Mindful CARE

“It wasn’t easy and very painful. The baby had ten fingers and ten toes.” Melissa (not the client’s real name) sat and cried in the client room for 2 hours, sharing her recent abortion story with her Client Advocate. Melissa had an at-home abortion in her bathroom, and the recent aftermath created deep shock waves in her life. The baby’s father, who had thought, “I’ll support you in whatever you decide,” didn’t know how to handle his grief and began drinking heavier and lashing out. Their abortion decision had stretched their relationship to its breaking point. Grief flooded Melissa’s life, and she was emotionally exhausted.

It had been nearly two months since the at-home abortion, yet Melissa wasn’t feeling quite “right.” She took another home pregnancy test, and to her dismay and disbelief, it was positive. It was this positive test that brought Melissa to Pregnancy Resources. Just hours after her frantic call, she was able to receive compassionate truth with gentle leading.

In Melissa’s moment of vulnerability, YOU cared for her.

While you weren’t in the room, you were able to meet her needs.

While you didn’t see Melissa’s face, you helped her lean toward healing and wholeness. Your mindful financial support and prayers helped provide for her unique needs on the very day she walked through the doors of Pregnancy Resources.

You said yes by embracing her need to be listened to, offering her a place of comfort, and embracing her when she was vulnerable. You offered help to heal some of the hurt she had experienced.

Tomorrow there will be many more “Melissa’s” in crisis and in need of Mindful CARE. Your ongoing financial support keeps the door to hope and healing open. You are making sure CARE is ready and available when it’s needed most. Thank you!

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