Seasons of Ministry…

By Annetta Cooper, Client Services Director

We often don’t know what God can do with one act of obedience. I began volunteer training at Pregnancy Resources in October 2004 at the recommendation of my pastor. I remember vividly when I prayed for direction, and God confirmed in my spirit that He wanted me to submit my application. The seed was planted.

I started as a Receptionist, learning the phone scripts and the filing procedures. My heart for the ministry began to grow. Many women poured into me as a young mom, discipling and advising me in my life and the ministry. Because I had previously worked at a pregnancy center, I was quickly moved to a Services Coordinator, now called Client Advocate. I remember one day driving across the bridge, wondering how God could possibly use me when I felt so inadequate. That day I had the privilege of leading someone to the Lord – another seed already planted!

God was working despite my insecurities and showing me that I could depend on Him! Soon I was asked to consider teaching abstinence in the schools. Again, I wondered what God was doing. My heart was willing, but there was so much I didn’t know and so much that I hadn’t experienced. I will never forget the very first time teaching alone.

I was scheduled at a local High School, where security guards met and escorted me to the classroom. I was nervous, and the students knew it! Somehow, I survived, came to love the job, and even trained a few others to teach with me – Additional branches were added to my growing plant.

Life hit a bump in the road, and I needed to step back from my work in the schools to be home for my teenage daughters. My plant was being pruned. God showed me how to be content without work and to depend on Him in difficult circumstances. After two years of volunteering, I received a call to return as Director of the Davenport center. Again, it was something that I had never considered, but God had a different plan for me – a plan for more growth. In this new position, I could see God giving me more responsibility and more leadership opportunities. I was no longer the young naïve volunteer but a growing member of the Pregnancy Resources team.

Currently, I see the ministry in another season of real growth. My co-presenter and co-worker in the Davenport Center became the new Executive Director. I wondered how our relationship would change, but our team is stronger than ever. With a recently paid-off Moline Center and a new location for our MMU, we are poised to expand our work even further into the communities where God has planted us. When I look back at my beginnings, I realize that God knew it all and continues to guide me in this new season of growth. I am excited to see how God grows the ministry and how He prompts you to join and support this growth.

My First Thought…

My First Thought…

One Patient’s Story in Her Words

Hi, I’m Bianca. (not patient’s real name) I first heard about Pregnancy Resources in 2013 when I found out I was pregnant for the very first time at only 19 years old. I ended up having a miscarriage of the twins but during that time the staff was very caring and the environment was very welcoming. When I walked in the doors, I felt relief and weight was taken off because I was in a safe place.

Fast forward to 2020, I am now 27 and currently pregnant with my second child due in 2021. This pregnancy was also unplanned and Pregnancy Resources was my first thought. I could call them and I knew they could lead me in the right direction on where I needed to go and what was right. They could help me figure out what I needed to do. I made the call shortly after taking a home pregnancy test. The gal on the phone took my information and spoke to me for a little bit. It was incredible! She was so, so, so sweet and helped change my whole mindset on the situation and the journey I am walking now.

After the first appointment, I came back for my ultrasound to help determine how far along I was in my pregnancy. I was about 9 weeks pregnant and an emotional wreck! The father of the baby was absent—he decided to leave me shortly after finding out I was pregnant. I didn’t have much of a support team or many to look to for help. I decided to take the parenting classes offered at Pregnancy Resources to help me retrace the steps of what I am going through again with a newborn as well as prep my mind mentally. With Pregnancy Resources, I am not doing this completely alone.

I will keep going no matter what; I have a two-year-old girl who turns three soon and soon have two beautiful girls. Thanks for showing you care so much gals at Pregnancy Resources

Walking the Journey

Walking the Journey

You are Making a Difference…Trisha Wilson, Executive Director

As the temperatures warm and we enter the summer season, your faithful financial support is touching hearts in crisis and saving pre-born lives. Just this week, a story of hope was written. Sophie* (not the client’s real name) arrived in chaos and crisis. Shortly after learning she was pregnant, Sophie learned of her husband’s recent affair. The couple had separated and an abortion plan was in place. Sophie was heartbroken, angry, and scared when she met with a client advocate for a pregnancy test and then a nurse for her ultrasound. After receiving full options education and seeing her pre-born child on the ultrasound screen, Sophie’s heart was softened and she made the decision to carry and parent her child!

Life was hanging in the balance, and you made life-affirming early pregnancy care available. This fall, Sophie will hold her little one in her arms for the first time. As the warmth of summer embraces us, may your heart also be warmed with the knowledge that you are making a difference! Thank you for making this type of ministry possible.

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