A Place of Peace…

By Trisha Wilson, Executive Director

There is something special about this place and it is something much more significant than the Mobile Medical Unit, the classroom, the client room, the ultrasound stations, or Bella’s Boutique. The Spirit of the Lord is here, and it cannot be missed. Pregnancy Resources is dedicated to the work of the Lord. Daily this ministry is covered by fervent prayer. Every hour that the doors are open, Pregnancy Resources is filled with Jesus–loving women and men who are ready and waiting to minister to all who might walk through the door. Pregnancy Resources is a sacred space with divine purpose. Every day, women and men who are walking in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and stress, visit Pregnancy Resources, and find something they were not looking for and never expected.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Jada* and her husband were not planning on a pregnancy. Young, newly married, and navigating both anxiety and depression – this pregnancy was not expected, and abortion was being actively discussed. Jada had come for a Pregnancy Test, and a few days later returned for her Ultrasound, but she was still undecided about what she and her husband would “do” next.

Jada confided with her Pregnancy Resources’ nurse that she had been “freaking out in her car out in the parking lot”, yet the moment she entered the center she felt a sense of calm. Jada then went on to share with our nurse that she had decided this was a unique place: “there is just something about this building”, she said. “Everyone is so kind. But I don’t know what it is about this building.” Then with great gentleness and love the nurse was able to explain that the “feeling” in the building is the love of Jesus reaching out to her in a real and tangible way. That day, Jada felt the love and peace of Jesus in a way that was refreshing, new, and unexpected. Our staff continues to minister to Jada sharing hope and compassion at every opportunity.

You played a vital role in this divine appointment. Your long-term and faithful prayer is vital as spiritual battles and spiritual conversations happen every day. Your volunteerism helps make sure that assistance and Jesus-focused support is available when there is an urgent need. Your consistent financial investment ensures that the doors stay open, the lights stay on, and this type of life-saving and life-changing ministry continues. Thank you!

*Name changed for privacy


It’s Complicated…Part 3 Building Bridges through Resources and Resiliency

This year has challenged us all in unforeseen ways. Many were hit with job loss. Some families found themselves unable to provide for basic needs. Yet, Pregnancy Resources presented a small oasis of peace during the chaos. We’ve discussed various types of poverty and know that sometimes more than money is missing. There are many facets of poverty that can and do affect the whole person. Moms and Dads can find themselves in a hopeless state when their financial security, emotional and mental health, spiritual knowledge, coping abilities, or close relationships are compromised.

The question remains:  How does someone transition out of poverty?

The transition out of poverty takes others’ intentionally helping a mom or a dad learn a different thinking pattern and providing needed resources (physical, emotional, and spiritual) to help bridge the gap.

Did you know you were a bridge builder?

You are the bridge builder to a new hope-filled reality for a mom or dad. You are making connections every day to help a mom or dad move from a poverty mindset towards better resources and grow resilient through education. This ability to be resilient happens over time, as support systems are built. Coping strategies can be developed, and a bit of distance from emotional, mental, and or financial limits can be established. As a builder, you help moms and dads make connections to other people, new resources, and established problem-solving techniques. Moms and dads, who come to Pregnancy Resources, leave empowered. Dads like Dan.*

Dan was deeply impacted by the one on one time spent with a Pregnancy Resources Dad Coach. As Dan and his mentor/coach were bonding over car talk, Dan shared, “I was afraid before I came here and took this dad class.” BUT…This new father left with diapers and a new car seat. These resources met his immediate need to provide for his little one, but more importantly, he knew he was not alone. Dan knew he could call on his mentor if he had a question. These types of relationships give Dan the opportunity and help needed to grow his ability to be resilient.

Together as bridge builders, you and I help Moms and Dads in a crisis to overcome fear, gain a new perspective, and discover the needed internal motivation to change.  Bridge-building touches the hearts and lives of moms too. Moms like Danielle*.

Danielle came to Pregnancy Resources and participated in EVERY parenting class offered. When Danielle came to get her car seat and new baby bag for her little one, she said, “I am so glad Pregnancy Resources exists! I learned so much from the parenting classes and saved all the brochures and notes.” Danielle learned new skills and received resources to help with her precious baby.

You helped make this type of purpose-filled parenting possible. Your investment of prayer, time, and finances allows her to move towards being resilient. More people than ever need the strength and comfort you continue to provide. Because of your generosity, parents can find authentic hope as they move forward one small step at a time.

Liz Ryan, Outreach and Events

*Name changed for privacy

All information shared in this series is based on Payne, R. K., DeVol, P. E., & Smith, T. D. (2001). Bridges out of
poverty: strategies for professionals and communities.


Life on the Mobile Medical Unit…

By Beth Bill, RN

Every week, two of us women, pack up the Mobile Medical Unit, pull out of the garage and drive to our destination which is either Muscatine on Monday or west Rock Island on Tuesday.  Our purpose is to bring the services of Pregnancy Resources to these communities.   We just never know what “life on the MMU” is going to be like on a given day and so, we pray.  We ask God to bring those who need our services and that they would have the courage to come to our van.  Not long ago, a young woman showed up for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. We listened to her share her regret about a past abortion, her distrust of most people, and her anxiety about being pregnant again.  But her comment that opened the door to sharing Christ was when she said “This life is Hell.  It’s so bad out there that this must be Hell.” 

Life on the MMU that day meant explaining that although our current American landscape is unsettling and blatant evil ravages our streets and our newsfeeds, this life is not Hell.  The nurses that day were able to share that indeed there is a Hell and it is real, but this isn’t it.  We explained that Jesus Christ came to offer us forgiveness so that we could go to Heaven.  Life on the MMU is good because it’s where truth is shared; about pregnancy, babies, and of the hope and life found in Jesus Christ.


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