Life in the QCA Schools – Brandi Clark

I love my position as the No Regrets Educator at Pregnancy Resources. The No Regrets Program is an ABSTINENCE based Sexual Integrity Program that is fabulously informative, medically accurate and engaging curriculum for students. This program has been offered (in some capacity) to area schools since 1991 and has impacted at least 61,061 students in those 29 years!

As the newest presenter, every day I have the privilege to be invited into public middle schools and high schools across the Quad Cities to take a subject that is taboo for teenagers to talk about with adults – like sex and abstinence –  and make it comfortable, fun and interesting. Truthfully, I am sometimes intimidated by the challenge to share such a radical message about sex in the public school systems. When I share the message about saving sex for a “long term, committed, relationship,” I can feel the eye rolls from these teenagers, even if they don’t outwardly demonstrate it. However, I love to watch as their minds and hearts change as I share the consequences of having sex outside of God’s plan for it.

While not every teenager I have the opportunity to interact with is going to be radically changed by the information I share in the classroom, they still walk out of the classroom with information they didn’t have before. Someone once told me, “once a mind is expanded, it cannot go back.” 

Thank you for investing in this ministry and being a be part of that change in these teenagers’ lives.



Life as a new Pregnancy Resources Nurse…Becca Mesmer

Sometimes, God has a plan in the works long before we know it. After several years in a local Cardiac Intervention Unit, I began thinking about a change. The hospital taught me how to be a nurse, but I knew God had more for me than the stressful, hustle and bustle of juggling too many patients at once. I longed for the chance to connect with each patient, help them physically, listen to their needs and comfort them. But a hard truth is, that a hospital nurse has little time for listening. After months of praying for a different job, and having no idea where God would lead me, a dear friend let me know that PR was expanding their medical staff, and she encouraged me to apply. A short time later, my new adventure began and on October 1st, 2019, I left the hospital to work in Urban Medical Missions at Pregnancy Resources.

At first, the transition was difficult; there is a different rhythm to this type of work. Before I was used to hurrying – today there is no rush. I have the time to listen, advise, show compassion and share the hope of Jesus with each patient.  A week-long intense ultrasound training boot camp taught me that performing and perfecting ultrasounds takes practice, patience, and skill. Now, I am fully trained and meeting with clients to provide ultrasound care and other services. As a previous cardiac nurse, one of my favorite parts of my new job is showing moms and dads their baby’s heart rhythm. I am thankful God has led me here and look forward to using these new skills to show life to those who walk through our doors.  I love my new job!


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