Life is getting interesting, and the state of Illinois is proving once again that they are not pro-women, pro-families, or pro-life. Recent legislation passed by the Illinois House and Illinois Senate is now awaiting the governor’s signature. The Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act is a clear attack on life-affirming Pregnancy Centers in the state of Illinois – the sole purpose of this legislation is to shut down any pregnancy related organization that does not refer for or provide abortion.

We are both aware of and troubled by these actions – but we are not afraid. Pregnancy Resources will not be BULLIED by the state to change who we are or how we serve the greater Quad Cities.

     Pregnancy Resources is committed to providing excellent care, compassionate support, and honest information to those facing pregnancy decisions through                 authentic relationships that display grace, honor life, and foster community.

     As an organization that embraces integrity, we do not condone, approve of, or excuse the actions of those who use deception, false advertising, or manipulation           to mislead women — whether that individual or organization stands for or against abortion.

     At Pregnancy Resources, we believe women deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, giving her the time and space she needs to make her pregnancy         decision without pressure or coercion. Since 1990, we have stood on the principles of both truth and love, and we are committed to continuing to offer women             our best in the years to come.

Today the doors of Pregnancy Resources are open – and will remain open! Centers in Davenport and Moline will continue to serve women and men six days a week. The Mobile Medical Unit will continue to serve our neighbors in Muscatine, Rock Island, and East Moline. Work is continuing at the new permanent location at the QC Mission – and just a few weeks ago your team visited this new site to pray and to dream and to plan. Stay posted for information on the open house scheduled at this new location in then Fall of 2023.

Together, we will continue to offer Hope, Help and Compassion in the name of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

Together we will empower moms and dads to choose hope and choose life!

Trisha Wilson, Executive Director