It’s a Covid kind of Christmas…and many of us are left with a heavy heart and the struggle to figure out exactly what that means. Can we celebrate the way we have in the past? Should we even try? So here is the real: like it or not, Christmas will look different – but the meaning, the relevance, and the wonder does not have to change. We still have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in ways that are sincere and that honor the spirit and significance of the holiday.

First, we can focus on the true meaning of Christmas – It’s ok to miss all the things that we will miss this year – but don’t miss the significance of a Savior who literally left His throne to impact our eternity. Christmas is a special and sacred time when we, as Christians, celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Now is the moment to reflect, to rejoice, and to worship. This is the time to reflect on God’s immeasurable love, unwavering mercy, and infinite grace that is extended to us each and every day.

Next, we can consider our personal traditions that hold the greatest value and look for ways to honor those activities in a new and fresh way. Coordinated baking days and times, with a mod-podge picture collage featuring highlights of each participant’s creations, could be an alternative to a large family bake off. Family gatherings on Christmas Eve and Christmas day can happen with a Zoom, Facetime, or Skype connection. Pick your time, schedule your meeting in advance, and send your family the link – you won’t even have to brush your teeth for this one! You may go old-school and share the Christmas story in Luke 2 with an old-fashioned phone call – extra points will be awarded if you make the call from a landline!

Finally, take a little time to slow down, ponder, and praise God for who He is and for all the ways He continues to show up. Even in a pandemic year, in the midst of a Covid Christmas, we, as Christians, have reason to rejoice. We serve an omnipresent God – even on our loneliest of days, He never leaves us alone. We serve a loving God – in the midst of hard things, His compassion is not in question. We serve a sovereign God – His power and authority are unmatched and unwavering.

May God’s love, His peace, and His presence wrap around you and comfort you like a soft, warm blanket on a cold winter morning. Merry Christmas – and God Bless.