Close your eyes and imagine the typical Pregnancy Resources client. Was it a teenager, or a young woman pursuing her college degree – someone scared and alone? While that perception once was true, today 48% of our clients are 25 or older. Many of today’s clients are in long-term relationships – either living together or married. Some of these clients arrive pregnant for the first time and they are excited and happy. Others aren’t so excited. These couples may see their life as already full and complete. They can do whatever they want whenever they want. They don’t want a baby to disturb the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

Recently, we met with Isabelle* who is happily married with 2 children, a good job, and life that is exactly how she and her husband want it. They have the house, the cars, the kids, and the vacations. But then, the one thing they didn’t want happened … another positive pregnancy test. This happily married couple’s immediate reaction to this news was simple and straightforward – end the pregnancy.

Isabella made an appointment at the abortion clinic for the following week. Then, 2 days before her scheduled abortion, she felt an urge to come to Pregnancy Resources. She arrived alone. After a pregnancy test and an ultrasound, Isabella shared with the nurse that she wasn’t sure what to do. It was very early in the pregnancy, so Isabella was offered a second ultrasound. She decided to delay her abortion and brought a friend with her to the next appointment. This close friend encouraged Isabella to have the abortion and move on with her life. The baby was still very small, and she was still undecided – so another ultrasound was offered and scheduled. One week later, Isabella returned a third time with her husband. This time things were different. This time the couple clearly saw their baby, and when they left after that 3rd ultrasound, they had made a decision for life!

Tomorrow another couple will walk through the door. Tomorrow another life will hang in the balance. And tomorrow another couple will have the chance to choose life for their child because you help keep the doors of Pregnancy Resources open.

Pam White, Moline Center Director