Every year we take a moment to highlight the service of a volunteer. This year we are honoring a special man, Reverend Jon Yarian. Jon has served at Pregnancy Resources for 10 of the last 13 years. He first started in the Men’s Services Program, was recruited to the Board of Directors, and then was elected your Board Chair.

During his time on the board, Jon focused on long-term strategic planning. He was instrumental in the addition and launch of the Mobile Medical unit and helped facilitate our accreditation with the E.C.F.A. He helped the ministry navigate expansion with the sale of the previous Moline Center location and the securing of the current Moline Center location. Jon helped provide wisdom and sound counsel to guide the ministry during the Covid pandemic. Finally, he assisted with the launch of our newest East Moline location just last fall.

Jon has said that these were the actions of a strong board, and I agree. I also know that every good team needs a great leader – and Jon has led us well. His humor and vision have blessed this ministry. He is a passionate advocate and a servant-leader, and we are grateful for his many years of faithful service.

– Trisha Wilson, Executive Director