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The world tells her moms her only hope includes death, the death of her child in the womb, or perhaps her dream for a better future. Your Enduring Hope believes that moms AND their children deserve better, and you hold out hope for BOTH of them!

  1. Pregnancy Testing with full options information to help a mom make an informed decision.
  2. Life-affirming Ultrasound with a trained R.N. so a mom or dad can see their child for the first time as life hangs in the balance.
  3. Post-Abortion Medical Screening – Provide needed Medical Screening for post-abortive women in the weeks after an abortion for their health.
  4. Plus, much more.

Consider how you would like to participate in this year’s Walk for Life to help meet the unique spiritual, physical, and practical needs of every mom and dad entrusted to our care.