Pregnancy Resources is here to serve both the community and the local Church. The local Church is on the front line of abortion prevention and Pregnancy Resources is your resource!

Abortion isn’t something that just happens outside the Church. Sadly, 70% of women who have had an abortion claim Christian faith. Additionally, nearly 50% of those who have recently aborted attend church at least once a month. Unfortunately, many silently leave the pews on Sunday and then visit an abortion provider on Monday without talking to anyone at the local Church.

There’s a critical need for the Church to minister to the abortion-vulnerable through specially trained first responders! Are you ready to become a special “first responder” in your Church? You can engage women and men facing pregnancy decisions and offer compassion, hope and help with Godly and life-affirming discipleship!

Making Life Disciples is a practical and Biblical way to equip first responders to help women AND men facing pregnancy decisions. You can urge them to draw closer to the Lord, grow meaningful relationships, and comfort the abortion-wounded Church to experience the forgiveness of God.

Let us serve, encourage, and equip you through Taste of Making Life Disciples. Topics covered during this limited 4 week training & info group include:

  • Discipleship is Key
  • The Pro-Abortion Christian and the Abortion-Wounded Church
  • The Influence of the Man on the Abortion Decision
  • Practical Next Steps

Become your Church’s first responder and provide Life Support for Life Decisions! The alarm is sounding. As we work together, we can show our community a better way of living. Will you answer the call?

~ Liz Ryan & Ken White



Want to sign up for our next session? September 17th – October 8th

Call Liz at 309-797-3636 or scan the QR code!