Angie* is post-abortive. Nearly 20 years ago she made the choice to abort. Now she wonders what her child would have become. For years, Angie has struggled with her choice and what it cost both her and her pre-born child.

Abortion touches us all. Nearly 1 in 4 women will have had an abortion before they are 45 years old; this includes women attending church and women who do not! Few women or men who have been part of an abortion decision walk away unscathed. Many silently suffer with guilt, shame, and grief.

  • She may be the 23-year-old student you see heading out to class at the local college.
  • She may be your 47-year-old friend who smiles and hugs you when you come to life group or Sunday School.
  • She might be your 70-year-old mom praying in the seat next to you.

Abortion is the silent shame permeating the church. Many sit quietly as abortion is discussed around them, wrestling with grief. What would happen if she allowed herself to open up and share her story about her abortion decision? How could you help her to grieve her deliberate choice?

Angie found help at Pregnancy Resources through the After-Abortion Care program. After-Abortion Care is a ministry of Pregnancy Resources designed to allow moms and dads to grieve a previous abortion decision, helping them unpack deep-seated regret and find hope, healing, and restoration- whether it was one month, one year, or 20 years ago.

After Abortion Care is led by women and men who have experienced abortion as part of their story. These leaders have done the hard work of wrestling with their own grief and have found healing and wholeness in Jesus.

Are you or someone you know struggling with a past abortion decision? Help is available. Contact or call her at 309-797-3636.

*Name change for confidentiality