You are Making a Difference…Trisha Wilson, Executive Director

As the temperatures warm and we enter the summer season, your faithful financial support is touching hearts in crisis and saving pre-born lives. Just this week, a story of hope was written. Sophie* (not the client’s real name) arrived in chaos and crisis. Shortly after learning she was pregnant, Sophie learned of her husband’s recent affair. The couple had separated and an abortion plan was in place. Sophie was heartbroken, angry, and scared when she met with a client advocate for a pregnancy test and then a nurse for her ultrasound. After receiving full options education and seeing her pre-born child on the ultrasound screen, Sophie’s heart was softened and she made the decision to carry and parent her child!

Life was hanging in the balance, and you made life-affirming early pregnancy care available. This fall, Sophie will hold her little one in her arms for the first time. As the warmth of summer embraces us, may your heart also be warmed with the knowledge that you are making a difference! Thank you for making this type of ministry possible.