DeliberatePrecise in providing life-affirming early pregnancy medical care and pregnancy/early parenting support.

Luna (not the client’s real name) imagined that a baby would be the answer to her problems. Her marriage had been difficult; her husband seemed distant; and her heart was full of loneliness. Luna thought her prayers had been answered when her pregnancy test came back positive. But then Luna’s world came undone. Her husband had been having an affair – and the pregnancy hastened a painful separation and the start of divorce proceedings. Luna decided to keep her ultrasound appointment but planned to abort later that week. She just couldn’t have a child now. Not like this. Not with him. Not alone.

Luna spent time with a nurse and began to explain her fears and all the reasons why she just “had to have an abortion.” The nurse listened and explained what would happen during the termination procedure, answering Luna’s medical questions with honesty and compassion. When Luna was ready, the nurse provided a free ultrasound, and a tiny baby with a clear heartbeat quickly appeared on the screen. In that moment Luna realized “I can’t do that to my baby.” A heart was changed – a life was saved.

Today, Luna has a healthy, progressing pregnancy and is under a doctor’s care. She is working with a local sister-agency to determine if the best choice for her and her child is a parenting plan OR a plan to place for adoption. Luna’s life is still very complicated – she has little support in her pregnancy and carries many wounds from her dissolving marriage – but Luna is confident that choosing life for her child was the best choice.