Pregnancy Resources utilizes pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and education to help women and men make informed decisions for life. Part of supporting a parent’s choice for life includes equipping these clients to be the best parents possible. Parenting Education Programs are an intentional part of this holistic approach to ministering to the needs of BOTH the mom and dad.

Pregnancy Resources currently offers 22 class times every week. From learning how to have a Healthy Pregnancy to how to manage an unruly toddler in Active Parenting, our clients have multiple opportunities each week to grow in their parenting skills.

In 2022, more than 1,000 classes were attended by our clients. There were moms, dads, grandparents, and sometimes close friends. Many times, clients attend class for material assistance benefits, but they always leave with more knowledge than they expected.

In their own words, clients say things like “The information is very helpful and helps to prepare myself” and that, “It’s interactive and easy to understand, and a great place to ask questions.” Clients enjoy the group aspect, saying things like “it’s a small group so it seems to be more personal and gives everyone a chance to talk.” When asked what they had learned when we talked about safety, one parent in training said, “Do not shake the baby, because I didn’t know that it could hurt the baby.”

As a part of this holistic care, there are times in classes when spiritual things are discussed. Often, we have comments like, “I like that she prayed for me,” and “I liked learning to be a better parent and also hearing the word of God.”

Volunteer teachers do a great job of helping to equip our clients to be the parents they have the potential to be. Thank you for making these educational moments possible.

Pam White, Moline Center Director