Pregnancy Resources is committed to a holistic approach to life-affirming resources and education. It is true that much of our time is spent working with families who are pregnant and making a pregnancy decision. We also do important work with families who are struggling without adequate support systems or financial resources.

Many come regularly for diapers, formula, and clothes from Bella’s Boutique. One dad in particular is thankful every time he comes in for diapers, saying that he doesn’t know what he would do without us! Another father comes faithfully to get diapers and clothes for his child because his wife is unable to come due to physical difficulties. What a blessing it is to meet and help these people whom God cares for through us!

Sometimes the help we provide goes beyond physical. One mom and her husband attended most of our classes to earn a car seat and other benefits. Near the end of her pregnancy she was given some scary news about potential troubles at birth and she shared her concerns with us. We prayed for her, and upon follow up, we discovered her baby was born healthy and free of complications!

Then there are those who came first as clients and now have moved on to help others. One such mom now fosters children to help others as she was helped. Another mom has started a small non-profit to benefit a portion of the community.

What a blessing and a privilege to join God in His work here to meet the needs of our clients physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you so much for caring and partnering with us.

Annetta Cooper, Client Services Director