Embracing the Journey in 2021…Trisha Wilson, Executive Director

It’s true that 2020 was not what any of us expected. Yet, in the midst of shifting realities – the steadfastness of God remained, and your faithful support made life-saving ministry possible. In our two Centers and on the Mobile Medical Unit, over 4,000 unique center visits occurred, 772 pregnancy tests were performed,  501 life-affirming ultrasounds were provided, and more than 1,002 parenting class sessions were facilitated. The number of Dads who were mentored and/or ministered to at Pregnancy Resources increased by almost 100% in 2020 – even with COVID restrictions and protocols in place!

The next 12 months are sure to bring change, challenge, and opportunity, and your urban missionaries here at Pregnancy Resources are ready and prepared to meet the needs of those who walk through our doors. After 30 years of ministry, we know this: An unplanned pregnancy can make a mom or dad’s journey seem uncertain. Their steps may falter as life can hang in the balance. With your help, Pregnancy Resources is blessed to journey with parents facing uncertainty by offering life-honoring and medically accurate information regarding their pregnancy and the life of their unborn child. Moms and Dads find hope at Pregnancy Resources every day, and as a Pregnancy Resources Partner, you are a part of this journey too. Here are four ways that you can Embrace this Journey:

Empower the Journey – Participate in the 2021 Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign and raise money one quarter, one dollar, and one check at a time. These funds empower Pregnancy Resources to join moms and dads in their moment of crisis with compassion, hope, and help.

Rejoice in the Journey – Gather together with us in-person or virtually for Pregnancy Resources 2021 Spring Fundraising Banquet. We will hear current testimonies, honor victories, and lean into what God is calling us to next.

Walk the Journey – Lace up your shoes and meet us at the park on September 11, 2021, for the Pregnancy Resources Walk for Life.

Join the Journey – consider attending PRC 101 Training to learn more about becoming a part of the PRC volunteer team. This three-day informational course will be offered in March, June, and October. It will cover topics that include: honoring the value of life womb to tomb, bridging generational and cultural divides for more impactful communication and ministry, navigating trauma and grief, and ministering to a post-abortive culture.

Together we can journey with the most abortion-vulnerable among us and offer hope and help in the name of Jesus Christ.