I recently completed the Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study. I cannot begin to tell you what a momentous experience this was. First, I never ever expected or wanted to participate in a study where I would be expected to bare my soul regarding my abortion experience. I had buried it deep within the confines of my heart and expected to carry the pain of it to my grave. The Lord had other plans! I came to this study not fully in agreement that anything would change in my heart. I came not expecting to find the love and freedom that I did.

From the first meeting, I felt completely loved and safe to begin the journey to forgiveness and healing. The facilitators went above and beyond to foster an environment of trust and love at the same time pushing when we needed that push to go deeper. I can say that after carrying the shame, guilt, and regret of my abortion experience, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I am forgiven and mean it. I truly learned how much God loves me and has forgiven me. I also was able to completely release my child to God, knowing that he is safe, healed, and whole.

The memorial night was one of the most sacred times of my life. In that ceremony, we were able to grieve the loss of the child we had aborted. Up until then, there was never a place to grieve. We celebrated those children as gifts from God. Their lives mattered, and now they are safe with God.

I am forever grateful for this study. I am a changed life because of it.

In His love,

A Woman who is Forgiven and Free