Natalie* sat across from her client advocate, wrestling with her emotions. Natalie is pregnant and has had previous abortions: One
was performed in an abortion clinic. The second was an at-home pill abortion. Natalie was deeply impacted by her at-home pill
abortion. “There was so much blood…it was as if I killed someone.” Natalie did not expect to see the aftermath of her decision or carry
the heavy weight of all she saw in her bathroom. Abortion changed Natalie, and abortion is changing. As abortion moves from
doctor’s offices and clinics to pills mailed directly to a woman’s front door, more women are experiencing unwanted physical
and emotional effects from their uninformed abortion decisions.

What can a mom do if she has begun the two-step process of an at-home pill abortion? Is hope still available? YES! Abortion Pill
Reversal is real and possible. Moms and dads can receive care that could reverse the effects of the first abortion pill and save the
baby’s life if taken in a timely manner.

Help LAUNCH Abortion Pill Reversal at Pregnancy Resources!

Because of you, deliberate hope and medical intervention will soon be provided at the moment of need. Abortion Pill Reversal will
allow women to have a second chance at choice! As long as the heart is beating, there is hope.

Abortion Pill Reversal provides moms who have begun the abortion pill process the needed medication to potentially reverse the first
step of the abortion pill process and hopefully sustain her pregnancy. Ongoing ultrasounds and close monitoring will be available to
these moms during the Abortion Pill Reversal process. There will be hope for a second chance at choice for moms who regret their choice to begin the abortion pill process.
*Name changed for confidentiality