Did you Know?

By Carey Eberhart, R.N. Nurse Director

  • An at-home pill abortion is not a”more natural” choice
  • Today, 54% of all abortions are pill abortions*
  • This choice can put a mom’s life at risk and ends the life of her little one

Risks** of “at-home” abortion:

  • No in-person physical exam to evaluate mom’s risks
  • No ultrasound to rule out possible ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, which can be life-threatening
  • No accurate dating of the pregnancy (abortion pills are only approved for up to 10 weeks gestation)
  • No ultrasound to rule out a possible miscarriage, which occurs in approximately 20% of pregnancies
  • No Blood typing done to determine Rh negative pregnancy status, which requires an injection to prevent complications with future pregnancies
  • No way to know exactly what is in the pills the mom receives from an online source

**Risks information from NIFLA publication 2021 Considering Medical Abortion? Know the Facts and Risks Involved with the Abortion Pill – Pamphlet