In 2022 we are committed to living as the Purposed People of God – clearly called and willing to serve women and men of the greater Quad Cities when Life hangs in the balance. That type of commitment may not always be convenient, and that’s ok. Together we can choose to set aside convenience and instead be intentional. 


Intentional – Available in the moment of need when LIFE hangs in the balance.


In early January, Pregnancy Resources began offering limited medical services and ongoing support on Saturdays. Thus far, nearly 20 families have been impacted by the compassionate care they received on a timeline that worked for their unique needs. As a result of Saturday services, women have canceled abortion appointments and instead chose Life for their preborn children. Urgent medical intervention and referrals have been provided for patients with complicated and significant health needs. This Saturday, nearly 20 fathers will attend a fatherhood workshop, earning diapers and a car seat for their preborn children while preparing to be the fathers God created them to be.


Is it convenient to be open on the weekends? Maybe not. Is it vital and necessary? Absolutely! Chaos and crisis do not usually happen when it’s convenient – so we will be ready, six days a week – to help meet needs when Life hangs in the balance. 


You can be intentional too. Pray for us. Continue to support this work financially. Consider signing up for the next PRC 101 volunteer training (March 2022, June 2022, Oct 2022) and become a part of one of our two teams of Saturday volunteers. All that’s missing in the center is you.