This new year offers NEW and EXCITING opportunities for ministry in the Quad Cities. In 2022, Pregnancy Resources is committed to live and serve as PURPOSED people of God.

To be PURPOSED is to be clearly called and willing. Clearly Called  to offer hope and help to moms and dads when they are faced with an unplanned, unsupported, or unexpected pregnancy. Willing to step up, step in and offer compassionate truth and practical help when life hangs in the balance and the future of a family is at stake.

 As your Quad Cities Missionaries, your Pregnancy Resources Team is committed to live and serve in the following ways:


Intentional –  We will be available in the moment of need when LIFE hangs in the balance. Intentional ministry in 2022 will include the development and launch of Abortion Pill Reversal Care. This will allow moms who have begun the abortion pill process the opportunity to attempt to reverse a chemical abortion decision. You can be intentional by financially supporting this life-saving ministry as you are able.


 Deliberate – We will be precise in providing life-affirming early pregnancy medical care and pregnancy/early parenting support. Deliberate ministry in 2022  includes the addition of our fourth staff nurse, who will be completing ultrasound training in February 2022. This will allow for life-saving ultrasound care to be available at Pregnancy Resources 6 days a week! You can commit to deliberate prayer daily for the ministry.


Mindful – We will be sensitive and responsive to the unique spiritual, physical and practical needs of every mom and dad entrusted to our care. Meeting people where they are in their pregnancy decision, in their parenting adventure and in their after-abortion journey. Mindful ministry in 2022 includes the addition of Saturday hours and 3 mobile medical unit locations of service. Now there is even greater opportunity for

life-affirming care that can be accessed when it’s needed most. You can be mindful by personally promoting the value of life and encouraging those around you to do so too.



Together, as God’s PURPOSED people we can live and serve in ways that are intentional, deliberate, and mindful. We are called, we are willing, and we are honored to be on this ministry journey with you.