Her eyes were swollen and red, her words were hollow, and she seemed to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. Cali* (not the client’s real name) had come for a pregnancy test, although 2 positive home tests had already confirmed her suspicions. Cali had a toddler with her and a preschooler at home. As we met and she talked, Cali mentioned that she had a previous abortion several months prior to this pregnancy. I asked her a standard and simple question, “how are your processing that choice”?

Cali’s eyes swelled again with tears, and she began to wring her hands. “I am ok. I have to be ok. Right?” she said quietly. Then she continued,  “…because if I am not ok, then that might mean abortion is not ok.”

Cali is like many women who walk among us. Wounded by the aftermath of an abortion decision and feeling like there is no safe place to process the loss of that choice. In a culture that increasing devalues life, common feelings of loss after an abortion are often repressed, dismissed, or disregarded. We know that abortion does not have to be the end of the story; there can be FREEDOM, FORGIVENESS, and FULL RESTORATION. In Christ there is always full forgiveness and hope.

If you have an abortion decision in your recent or distant past and have dealt with the aftermath alone – please considering joining the after abortion care group that will begin meeting at the end of March 2022. Women (or men) who have been through similar circumstances are ready and willing to help you start your journey of healing and recovery. Contact Pam at 309-797-3636 to be put in contact with an after abortion care mentor.