Planned Parenthood is no longer in someone else’s community. Today they are just one click away, and soon they may be even closer. This week I was looking for information on a local news story, so I did what people do and went to the website of our local paper. I was a bit surprised when the first thing that showed up on this page (taking up nearly one third of my screen space) was an ad for Planned Parenthood. “Birth Control. Abortion Access. Stigma Free Care. Donate Now. Planned Parenthood.”

My heart began to pound. My stomach began to ache. My thoughts were racing. What does this mean? When will their doors suddenly open without notice like has happened in so many other Illinois communities in the last few years?  How many moms and dads searching for answers will believe their “truth” and then carry the wounds and regret that often follow an abortion decision? How will we reach these moms and dads with authentic hope? This task seems so big, and the stakes seem so high.

But then my spirit was stilled. The presence of the Spirit settled on me, and I was reminded of the words that David shared with his son Solomon when facing a task that seemed too big. In essence David said, take courage, be strong, and get to work.

And so that is what we will do. We will find our courage and strength in Christ alone. And we will continue to get to work. In just a few days, our third Mobile Medical Unit will launch at the QC Mission in East Moline. In the next few weeks, our medical team will increase with the addition of our 4th staff nurse. And in the next few months Saturday Services will begin to be provided in our Moline Center. We will continue to offer hope, help, and compassion in the name of Jesus Christ. No pressure. No judgement. Just support. That’s the Pregnancy Resources way.